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Coinage Inc. is a software company based in Pune, India. We offer multiple solutions ranging from software development, website designing, mobile application development and online marketing that help small and medium-scale companies to perform, profit and grow.

We are considered as quite creative and dependable by our clients, helping businesses gain a competitive advantage from cost-efficient and effective web solutions. We have been serving businesses representing diverse industry verticals with quality solutions and services as a world-class software development and designing company.

Cause We Believe ” IT is about people, not computers !”

Why Choose Us

At Coinage, we appreciate the trust you put in us when you hand us the keys to your IT kingdom. We’ve earned that trust from many of clients in dozens of industries, and we know we can earn it from you.

Our consultants are strategic thinkers with years of experience in both IT and business. We do our homework, and make sure we understand your business goals before working with you to set technology goals.

We are your reliable and trustworthy IT Service Provider and Advisor helping you in software services on which you and your people can depend on.

Our specialty is custom-made solutions for how you work, sell, and grow. We think this is important, because at the end of the day,

Our Mission

Create, enhance and maintain great products and services. We understand your requirements, purpose, and goals and enable you to work at full potential.

Not only we look forward to our company’s growth, but we also strive for the growth of IT by contributing to the developer’s community.


Our Values

  • Customer satisfaction and all else will follow.
  • Excellence through quality work.
  • Happy and motivating working conditions (You can be serious without a suit!).
  • Grabbing every opportunity to learn.
  • Do things that matter.

Our Experience

Mobile Application Development 87%
Software Development 80%
UI / UX 85%
Web Design 90%

Our Clients

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