Our team chases the latest technology to build the best products for you and your customers. Our pursuit of better code never ends.

At Coinage, we build products that people will love to use. Whether it’s a brand new site or a redesign, our web design and development services are custom-built to fit your business needs.
As the development landscape continuously evolves, we are committed to keeping up with the times. Coding faster and more effectively is one of our highest priorities.

We technologies we work upon are:
1. Asp.net C#
2. Java
3. Php
4. WordPress

Premium WordPress Website Designing
10 Page
  1. 10 Page website
  2. Userfriendly Admin Panel
  3. Premium Licensed Design
  4. Mobile – Tablet – Desktop Compatible
  5. Fast Loading Website
  6.  Contact form
  7. Social Media Integration
  8. Blog Feature
  9. Google Analytics Integration
  10. Page Structure
    1. Home
    2. About Us
    3. Team Details
      1. Team member details
    4. Services
      1. Service details
    5. Products
      1. Product details
    6. FAQ
    7. Contact Us
    8. Blog
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Coinage Inc. is our service provider for Website and UI designing. Team of Coinage has finished professionally and dedicatedly.
We definitely recommend the service provided by coinage.

Nitin Tappe
CEO, Pratiti Technologies

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